“I Don’t Have Time” and 5 Other Excuses for Not Making Money

Everyone has goals. They keep us motivated and give us a reason to get out of bed each day. For some, it’s buying a house. For others, it’s a job promotion. For the majority of Americans, it’s to make more money.

Since the onset of a global pandemic, 63% of U.S. citizens are living paycheck to paycheck. As a result, people are looking for ways to earn more money and find opportunities for supplemental income. Unfortunately, no matter what goal you have, it’s easy to let excuses creep in—explaining away why you can’t achieve your objective. To live a fulfilling life, it’s in your best interest to learn to overcome these concerns and eliminate excuses for not making money.


Why we make excuses

Excuses are a way to rationalize behavior surrounding certain circumstances. We all do it—invent reasons to postpone our success, refrain from taking action, and neglect certain responsibilities. When you make an excuse, you’re justifying your actions and deflecting blame to an outside force. 

People tend to create excuses for the following reasons:

    • Fear of failure: You don’t want to invest your resources or get your hopes up only to fall short of your goals.
    • Fear of success: You don’t feel prepared to handle the change that success might bring. If you succeed, people may expect more from you, and you’re anxious about living up to that pressure. 
    • Fear of embarrassment: Nobody wants to make a mistake and be made to look like a fool.
    • Not motivated: If you don’t have a passion for your goal, you won’t want to take the first step towards it. 
    • Lack of confidence: When you doubt your abilities or skills, you don’t want to move forward because you don’t think you can rise to the challenge that lies ahead. 

While making excuses is extremely common, living by them can have a lasting negative impact on your life. Excuses keep you from acknowledging opportunities, skills, and abilities that could help you reach your full potential and overcome life’s challenges. Living a life in fear will never inspire you to try new things and see all you can accomplish.


Common excuses for not making money

Doubting your own potential is understandable, but excuses are self-sabotaging. For people who want to make more money, finding a part-time job or secondary income is an attainable task. Take control of your destiny and find ways to overcome these common excuses for not making money.


1. I don’t have time 

Everyone has access to the same number of hours each day. The difference is in how each of us manages our time. The key to effective time management is in prioritizing our daily tasks. If making money is one of your goals, it should take top priority. With so many work-from-home job opportunities that offer a flexible schedule, making money is an attainable goal.

Assess your current schedule and look for low-priority tasks that could either be eliminated or reduced in focus. Find places in your day where you could fit in sales calls or some other money-making opportunity. Chances are, you have more time for making money than you think.


2. I don’t have previous experience 

While it’s true that some job opportunities require past experience, many are willing to train you in their processes and procedures. Experience isn’t always a must. In some cases, other skills like drive, dedication, and passion are more important to an employer than experience. These are inherent traits that cannot be taught. Regardless of experience, you have strengths that an employer would find valuable. Leverage those for a position that can make you money.


3. I don’t have a degree 

More employers today are realizing that not everything can be taught in a four-year college. Skills and talent are gaining more value than a college degree in today’s workforce. Even major companies like Tesla are hiring people who never graduated from college. With so many free and low-cost courses and workshops available online, today’s workers can learn plenty without stepping foot inside a university. Don’t let your lack of a college degree keep you from applying for jobs you want.


4. I’m waiting for the right time

Maybe things are busy at home, or your family needs your attention, or you’re working on a big project and this just isn’t the right time to pursue a new job opportunity. Here’s a little secret: it will never be the right time. Most people don’t achieve their goals and there will always be some obstacle in your path. That’s why you have to simply take control of your circumstances and decide to make money. 

Again, it comes down to prioritizing—your life, your schedule, your goals. You have to decide what’s important and take the steps necessary to succeed. Make room in your schedule. Delegate family responsibilities to other family members. Realize there will never be a perfect time and instead, create your own timing.


5. I’m too old/young

Workers of all ages bring numerous benefits to a job position. Young people bring energy, enthusiasm, and technological know-how that can be helpful in building brand awareness. Older people bring wisdom and experience that can help develop a loyal following. Everyone can contribute to a company’s success, as well as their own.

If you feel you’ve missed the window of opportunity due to your age, remember that you can learn a new skill and begin a new life path at any age. Everyone’s life journey is unique. Don’t let imaginary deadlines and timeframes dictate your success. You can make money regardless of how old you are.


6. I don’t know where to start 

Starting a new venture can be daunting and intimidating. But if you abandon your journey every time you don’t know how to begin, you would never accomplish anything. Everything is new in the beginning. The first step is to seek information. Do your research. If you want a remote job, look online to see what’s available. Search for products that interest you. Ask your contacts for their input. Find others who are working toward your same goal and compare notes. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and guidance.


Stop making excuses and start making money today

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