Fighting Human Trafficking One Sale at a Time

A One-Man Warrior Against Human Trafficking

Many sales professionals set income goals. Vernon sets donation goals. His giving journey began when he decided to donate one dollar for every hundred dollars he earns. A Cutco Sales Professional from Menasha, Wisconsin is a one-man-warrior against human trafficking.

It all started while he was attending a gala held by his church, where he was introduced to Eye Heart World (EHW)—a nonprofit organization that strives to end human trafficking in communities throughout the United States and, ultimately, the world by selling handmade bags and accessories. After attending the gala, Vernon decided to help the cause. He shares:

What inspired me to donate was the fact that this nonprofit was close to home and since it wasn’t nationwide, I felt like my donation could really make a difference.

When he first made that 1% transfer of his sales to EHW in April 2017, he was both anxious and excited. But when he was approaching the end of August that same year, he was earning bigger paychecks, and was able to reach his goal to donate $1,000 to the organization. “It’s really a push these last four months to get that to another thousand.” But how did he overcome the doubt? He kept selling, growing, and staying consistent:

I imagine myself at the beginning of next year handing a check for at least $1,000 to the CEOs of Eye Heart World and seeing their faces light up. Gets me pumped every time.

And to Vernon, it’s worth every penny. “It’s given my job more meaning. When I tell people what I’m choosing to do with my money, it makes them feel a lot better about considering CUTCO because they know it’s going to a great cause.”