Nominate Someone for the Marty D Award Triple Crown Service Award

“We have all been put on earth for a special purpose, with talents and abilities we haven’t yet realized. Success means truly understanding what is important in life and what gives you joy and happiness. Whatever that is for you, do it with one hundred percent passion.” —Marty D

Who is Marty D?

Marty Domitrovich (Marty D) became a sales representative in 1967, fourteen years before the formation of Vector Marketing. Like many of us, he wanted to make some extra income around his class schedule at the University of Wisconsin.

Years later, he is a treasured member of the Vector/Cutco Hall of Fame. Throughout his 35-year career, Marty achieved  #1 sales rep (of 10,000 nationally), #1 Branch, #1 District, and #1 Division.

As an executive, he promoted more managers nationally and internationally than any other person in company history – 7 Region Managers, 27 Division Managers, and Hundreds of DMs. This feat was once described by Jerry Otteson, after his 55 years of being with CUTCO, as “the record that will never be broken.”

What is the Triple Crown Service Award?

The prestigious Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing has been around for over a century with only 12 total winners—the horses that most exemplify excellence.

One of Marty’s passions was horse racing.

In his memory, The Marty Domitrovich Triple Crown of Service award is presented each year at the company’s Strategic Leadership Conference.

It is awarded to one of Vector Marketing’s most esteemed leaders – an individual showing excellence in their contributions to his or her community.

What does each crown represent?

Startup. We build lasting businesses. But more importantly, we create something substantial from nothing that will forever impact our cities and towns.

Community. We invest our most important asset that we as business owners have: time. We give without expecting a return and for this, the community is better with us there.

Grit. We have a blend of passion and persevere that inspires and empowers others to make The Vector Impact felt. No excuses.

Why should I get involved in my community?

As a District Manager, your role in the local community is far greater than selling knives and gathering CPO. As Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, what are you doing for others?”

Being a Vector leader means making a mark. It means your community is better because you arrived there. The question all business owners should ask themselves is: “if my business closed tomorrow, would anybody miss me? Would anybody notice?”

Numerous studies have shown the fiscal benefits (on both customer and employee retention) of businesses getting involved in their community.

But community service and the Marty D award isn’t about having the right skillset. It’s about the right heartset. And the heart of Vector Marketing is service.

So, what’s your part? Just start.

Who has won the award in the past?

2020 – Shayla Wey

At the start of COVID, Shayla looked for ways to positively impact the community. Over 4 months, she led her team to donate to 16 different charities.

2019 – Wes Frank

Wes and the Rising Sun Division have supported the Front Row Foundation for the past 10 years and serve together on an annual basis.

2018 – Brett Wiggins

He dedicates each weekend to serving 250+ students and leading 90+ volunteers.

2017 – J. Brad Britton

He started a charity while on vacation.

2016 – Mike Abromowitz

Peanut Butter Jelly sandwich can change a life.

2015 – Daniel Rivera

He helps kids all over the world have access to food and education.

2014 – Cathy Christen

This woman helps fight poverty and disease in Haiti.

2013 – Tina Marie Minar

Giving back helped this woman reach $10 million in sales.

2012 – Elijah Cheeks

A family’s house burned down before Christmas —here’s how this man helped.

2011 – John Wasserman

Three sales campaigns … three charities

2010 – Aaron Love

The passion of the two impact the many.

2010 – Angie MacDougall

One Calgary woman makes an everlasting impact.

How can I be considered?

This award is for District, Division, or Region Managers who use their passion for helping others to directly impact their own and others’ communities.

However, even if you’re not currently a manager, we want to hear about your stories of service. We recently started publishing our favorites on Instagram with the hashtag #TheVectorImpact.

We want to be inspired, and we want to help inspire others.

So please, share your serve with us.


Do you know a Vector colleague who is making a major impact?