From Miss America Pageant to Vector: Fundraising for Children

Mimi’s Team Steps Up

It started as a requirement to fulfill her Miss America pageant requirement. Two years later, Mimi Peyregne (pronounced me-me pa-RIN) is still raising funds for the Children’s Miracle Network.

And it didn’t stop with her.

Soon enough, this ambitious college student was getting everyone in her branch office involved because she ended up “falling in love with the work.” She says:

I’m inspired every time I attend a Vector conference or meeting. I love the energy and enthusiasm that everyone in the company exudes.

It has become more than a requirement fulfillment; it’s a personal fulfillment, too. “The most rewarding aspect is helping the children, but I love giving the sales representatives the opportunity to be involved philanthropically.”Mimi with a microphone during a pageant Together, they have raised over $1,700 for the Children’s Miracle Network alone in a single year. “When I started, I knew [my team] would be willing to help me in my fundraising goals.”

And now her team looks forward to it as well.

Her representatives will perform demonstrations, and, at the end of the demo, they will ask their customer if he or she would like to donate to the Children’s Miracle Network. At their weekly team meetings, all the donations are collected, and they benchmark their total with the goal they had set for the week.

As a young professional, giving back has helped Mimi put life in perspective. “I know that we are doing good in the world and helping those who need our support,” she says. “This helps me remember what’s really important.”