Life is Selling

When you hear the word “sales” what do you think of? Maybe a sleazy car salesman selling you an “amazing” vehicle, only for it to break down the next day. The reality? Sales is actually one of the most important skills one can possess. Knowing how to sell makes life easier. Because sales isn’t just selling a product or service, we “sell” other things in life as well. For a more in-depth explanation of the power of sales, watch the video below.

You’ll learn:
  • The many stereotypes people think of when they hear the word “sales” (0:28)
  • What sales ACTUALLY is and what it accomplishes when done right. (0:53)
  • We all “sell” every day and you don’t even realize it (1:03)
  • Some everyday scenarios where sales skills are used (1:18)
  • Now you know life is selling, so here’s what to do next. (2:17)


Now that you know sales is used in almost all aspects of everyday life, think back to what situations in life you would have handled better had you known how to sell. Maybe you could have persuaded your parents to use the car. Maybe you could have convinced them to let you hang out with friends on a school night. Sales will help you in everyday life AND your career. Cause if you can’t sell yourself, how else will you move up the ladder of your job? Or get hired at a new office? It’ll be extremely hard if you don’t know how to sell. So make it easier on yourself and start studying the art of sales today!


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