How to Make the Most of Your 168 Hours

If you ask people what the most valuable thing in the world is, many will say gold or diamonds.

Some will say family or friends. 

But even fewer will reply with “time.”

And honestly, I’d have to agree with those select few. Because time itself is something you’ll never get back. So why waste it?

Well in this day and age, wasting time has become an epidemic. Many will say they don’t have enough time in the day to balance work, school, time with family and friends, working out, etc.

But we all have the same amount of time—24 hours a day, 168 hours a week. And there are people out there who’ve been able to balance and make time for all those things.

So stop wasting your precious time. Learn how to plan and use it wisely in this info-packed workshop:



Time codes for the above

  • A visual example of why you can’t major in the minor things (0:15)
  • Rocks, stones, sand, and water: What they each represent in your schedule (0:35)
  • What would’ve happened if you started with the water first (3:05)
  • Why multitasking is just as mythical as unicorns (and doesn’t work as intended) (3:52)
  • Why our smartphones can be out worst enemy when it comes to time management (4:52)
  • How to avoid mini-distractions and save as much productive time as possible (5:33)
  • Two things we do everyday that can take up a lot of our time (and how to limit that) (6:00)
  • Our final tip that should be a rule of life for everything you do (7:00)


Final takeaway

Remember, you can’t major in the minor things. Plan out your hours, create a schedule, and don’t waste that precious time. Cause you don’t get it back. Implement what you learned in the video above and you’ll find yourself having more time on your hands than you realize.


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