How to Build a Network of Badass Women and Expand Your Influence

Building a network is one of the most powerful things you can do for your side hustle.

It’s especially important if you want to go from part-time side gig to full-time entrepreneur.

Networking can: 

  • Build your confidence
  • Open the door to new opportunities
  • Provide you with the support to keep going even when times are hard
  • Give you access to people who can give you helpful career advice
  • Help you find mentors

When you build a network of women who inspire you, you’re more likely to enjoy your work and thrive as you build your business. 


7 steps to help you build a network of women

Many people avoid networking, thinking it doesn’t mesh with their personality or that it feels too corporate. Plus, over the past year or so, in-person networking events have been almost non-existent. 

Thankfully, there are ways to build your network of women in a way that feels genuine and complements your work-remotely-from-home goals


1. Think about what you’re looking for

Creating a positive network of peers is not the same for everyone. A lot has to do with:

  • Your personality
  • Your personal goals
  • Where you live
  • What type of networking you enjoy
  • The size of your business
  • Your professional business
  • The type of business you’re operating
  • Where you are in your business journey (thinking about starting, brand new, or someone with years of experience)

Think about the kinds of women you want to surround yourself with. Ask yourself:

  • Do I want people with similar goals?
  • Am I looking for a mentor?
  • Do I want people with a similar personality? 
  • Do I want people who are the same age, or do I want a more diverse group?


2. Take advantage of social media platforms

Once you know what you’re looking for, it is time to go out and find it. 

A great place to do this is social networking sites like Facebook or LinkedIn.

You can search these sites for existing groups that meet your criteria, or you can create a group of your own. If you choose to do the latter, you can use ads or hashtags to help put your group in front of the type of people you want to form connections with.


3. Set up a profile on

Another way to find like-minded entrepreneurs is to create a profile. allows you to create or join groups based on:

  • The type of side gig you run
  • How you work (part-time vs. full-time)
  • Whether people work remotely
  • Things you want to learn
  • Where you live

Then, you can set up in-person meetings. It’s an effective way to network because it helps take away some of the insecurity certain people face when they go to a networking event. You’ve already connected with some of the people on Now you get to meet them in person instead of meeting strangers for the first time. 


4. Invest in summits and/or conferences

The great thing about running your own business is that you get to choose what type of events you want to attend. If you’re an employee, you most likely have to go to those your boss chooses for you. 

As your own boss, however, you get to decide whether you want to attend an event to: 

  • Get an overview of entrepreneurship
  • Learn about social media marketing
  • Increase your sales abilities
  • Listen to your favorite influencers, writers, entrepreneurs, YouTubers, etc. 
  • Learn more about work-life balance 

You can attend conferences in-person or online. Some are free, while others charge for admittance or a fee for lifetime access to the video content.


5. Always be yourself

If you’re authentic with yourself and others, you’ll build a network of women who will help you throughout your entrepreneurial journey. On the other hand, if you’re trying to be something or someone you’re not, you will attract the wrong people. That can result in discouragement, comparisonitis, and failure to reach your goals. 

Trust is a big part of building a network. You can’t have trust with others if you aren’t yourself. It can be hard to do this when you’re first starting. Remember, though, that everyone had to start somewhere and that the people in your network will want you to succeed. 


6. Don’t just ask for help

If you’re just starting, it can be easy to keep asking for guidance, opinions, suggestions, and tips. That shouldn’t be all that you add to the group. Doing so will eventually exhaust others and make them question what they’re getting out of the group. 

However, if you add some insights of your own, you’ll contribute to the group’s camaraderie. And yes, even if you’re a beginner, you have something of value to contribute—even if it’s a virtual pat on the back.


7. Expand the scope of your network

It’s easy to think of your network as only the people you surround yourself with or those you’ve reached out to for sharing support and inspiration. 

However, when building your network of women, remember that your support and inspiration can go beyond in-person or on-Zoom interactions. 

Seek out podcasters, YouTubers, and authors who can build you up and inspire you, such as: 

Watching, reading, or listening to your favorite female entrepreneurs will help motivate you when you’re feeling insecure, bored, lonely, or even when you’re questioning whether this is the best path for you.


Gain valuable skills while you grow your network

Vector has a strong reputation for providing free training and resources to their team. We want those who work with us to succeed, and we know one of the best ways to do that is through quality training. 

Our team members start building their network from within the company. They get inspiration from those that have come before and have worked their way into top sales or managerial positions. 

Your social selling side gig awaits—and also your chance to build your network of badass women!

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