5 Valuable Facebook Groups for Solo Entrepreneurs

Solo entrepreneurship comes with more than its fair share of challenges. With all the hustle and stress, Facebook sometimes feels like the last place you should be spending your precious time unless you’re marketing your business. But if you’re not taking advantage of Facebook groups for solo entrepreneurs, you’re missing out on invaluable networking opportunities and resources.

With roughly 2.91 billion monthly users, Facebook’s potential can’t be ignored. Many business owners look at that statistic and see advertising prospects, but Facebook’s value goes way beyond ads, consumers, and leads.

Facebook monthly active users in 2020

Instead of looking at all possible customers on Facebook, consider all the entrepreneurs who have been in your position and can help you grow.

What if you could connect with them in private communities where entrepreneurs share their ideas, feedback, recommendations, insight, expertise, and resources at every stage of their career?

Those communities exist, and we’re here to help you find them! Below, we’ll share five hand-picked Facebook groups for solo entrepreneurs so you can connect with the ones that best fit your needs.

Big ideas:

  • Entrepreneurship communities allow entrepreneurs to network, connect, engage, ask questions, learn, and mentor. 
  • Facebook groups provide an easily accessible online platform for solopreneurs to connect with larger entrepreneur communities.
  • Each Facebook group for solo entrepreneurs will have different rules, guidelines, and goals, so find the ones that interest you the most.


What is an entrepreneurship community?

Being a solopreneur can be challenging and frustrating when you’re on your own. An entrepreneurship community is an online space where entrepreneurs can connect with like-minded people at different stages in their careers.

Entrepreneurship communities provide resources and networking opportunities for solo/serial entrepreneurs and entrepreneurially curious people who haven’t taken the initiative yet.

Facebook groups are a place to manage and grow a community around shared interests. With the social media giant’s popularity and accessibility, many entrepreneurs have created groups to tap into entrepreneurship communities on Facebook.

Distribution of Facebook users by age and gender in 2021


5 amazing Facebook groups for solo entrepreneurs

Engaging with successful entrepreneurs can open a world of benefits, and Facebook groups are a safe space to get started.

We’ve created a list of Facebook groups for solo entrepreneurs looking to network, find career mentors, and ask questions in a community full of experienced members ready to help. This list is in no particular ranking order.

Proper etiquette to remember in entrepreneur groups:

  • Check the rules and guidelines of each group before you join. Understand that if you break the rules, the admin can and likely will remove you from the group.
  • Limit self-promotion to dedicated threads if self-promotion is even allowed at all. The purpose of these Facebook groups is to network and mentor, not to peddle your products or post job listings.
  • Be open-minded. When you ask for advice in a Facebook group, you might not always like the answers you receive. Try to be polite and grateful regardless. Remember, these busy entrepreneurs took precious time out of their day to answer your question.


Here’s our list of the top five:

1. Entrepreneur Hustle

Entrepreneur Hustle Facebook group for solo entrepreneurs

In their own words, “This group was created so you can share your story, journey, success, failures, and ONE thing that changed it all around!”

Entrepreneur Hustle recognizes the hard work and hustle that comes with being an entrepreneur, and its members are there to help. The founder, Danny Veiga, even has his email openly posted in the About section of the group with an invitation to contact him if you need help growing your business, even if you aren’t a member.


2. Intrepid Entrepreneurs Community

Intrepid Entrepreneurs Community Facebook group for solo entrepreneurs

Intrepid Entrepreneurs takes a highly structured approach with their group. They post designated thread themes with scheduled topics based on the day and week. If that’s too rigid for you, don’t worry—you can still post about other topics as long as you abide by their rulebook.

If you need motivation, this Facebook group is for you! Intrepid Entrepreneurs Community strives to connect solopreneurs with “people who will motivate you when you feel like throwing in the towel.” They want to see entrepreneurs become self-sustaining and location-independent.


3. Read With Entrepreneurs Book Club

Read With Entrepreneurs Book Club Facebook group for solo entrepreneurs

Do you enjoy reading books about entrepreneurship? If so, this virtual book club might be right up your alley.

Read With Entrepreneurs Book Club uses literature to connect like-minded entrepreneurs. Share what you’re reading, find new book recommendations for your TBR list, and discuss business and entrepreneur matters within a network of people who like to broaden their minds.


4. Small Business Big Thinkers

Small Business Big Thinkers Facebook group for solo entrepreneurs

Need to bounce ideas off someone? Small Business Big Thinkers is a Facebook group for solo entrepreneurs and business owners to, in its own words, “brain dump and get feedback on big ideas.”

This group covers many business-related topics, including systems, marketing, advertising, scaling, and more. This community is perfect if you need feedback on your ideas or want to see what’s trending in the business world.


5. Millennial Entrepreneur Community

Millennial Entrepreneur Community Facebook group for solo entrepreneurs

You don’t have to be a millennial to join #MCE. This Facebook group includes business builders from all over the world. All ages, nationalities, and backgrounds are welcome.

You’ll find a wealth of information in this group, but to join, you’ll need to take the #builderchallenge and earn your place (plus get a builder nickname in the community).

That sounds intimidating, but don’t worry! Millennial Entrepreneur Community empowers entrepreneurs at any level, even if you’re a solopreneur just getting started with your personal brand. The moderators want to guarantee that everyone in their community is serious about being an entrepreneur, which means once you get through the door, you’ll have a vast network of valuable resources at your disposal.



Turn Facebook into one of your most valuable networking resources

Here’s the best part about tapping into Facebook groups for solo entrepreneurs—all of this advice is FREE!

Well… as far as money is concerned, anyway. Remember that if you’re going to take, you should also give. Engage with the community. Answer questions. Talk about your experiences, successes, and failures. 

Think of it this way—networking should be a conversation, not a presentation. Instead of sitting silently in the audience taking notes, offer feedback and have a back-and-forth dialogue.

If you’re hungry for success and ready to engage with an online community of like-minded people working toward their goals, Facebook entrepreneur communities are exactly what you need.

Speaking of being a go-getter, that’s the kind of attitude we love! Learn more about our team.