8 Facebook Post Ideas for Small Businesses to Appear Big

Love it or hate it, Facebook is the most popular social media network with a reach of nearly 2.9 billion users. If you want to build your audience, then you need to establish yourself as a leader in your industry. One way to do this? Creative and strategic Facebook posts. 

We’ll show you eight Facebook post ideas small businesses use in their social media strategy to help you appear more prominent and well-informed online.

Let’s get started.

Big Ideas

  • You can expand your brand awareness by sharing website content on social media.
  • Audience engagement is critical to make money and grow your business.
  • Always make personal and relatable Facebook posts with a call to action.



8 Facebook post ideas for small businesses

Here are eight post ideas to get you started with growing your small business through social media.


1. Share your website content and products

Over 200 million small businesses use Facebook to share their business details. You can also use your business page to share other content from your website, like pages and blog posts. However, when you share posts, be sure to add written content above the link to capture your intended audience’s attention.

About 78% of consumers find products through Facebook. So, in addition to website posts, you can also highlight your products and services, find new clients, and increase brand awareness using digital content marketing through social media. Some ways to do this are through posts that highlight your products, engage clients to discuss their needs, share testimonials, and answer questions.

78% of consumers discover products via Facebook


2. Customize your content for your audience

Whatever you choose to post on Facebook, always find a way to customize the content for your audience. Relatable posts will capture your audience’s attention more than a copy-and-paste post.

For example, if you sell products to moms, you can grab your audience’s attention with references to children, coffee, and sleep. Then, incorporate those items in your post by sharing a relatable quote or a funny meme.

Next, reel your audience in by addressing a pain point specific to their demographic. For example, does your product make a mom’s life easier? Does it help kids solve a challenge in school? Let your demographic know how their life would be easier with your product or service.

You can have fun with your audience by jumping on social media trends. Customize a trend to your business and make your audience laugh. For example, in 2016, the Mannequin Challenge became popular, and many businesses made their own “frozen in time” snapshots of their daily lives in the office.

If you aren’t sure where to start, use Facebook’s search feature and type in a hashtag to see what most people search and watch.


3. Use all of Facebook’s post options for varied content

Facebook offers more than just plain text options for your posts. Some other social media post ideas include:

  • Video
  • Pictures
  • Graphics
  • Polls
  • Stories

When you use a variety of content types, you are more likely to keep your audience’s attention because you always have something new to offer them. Be creative!

One popular feature is Facebook Live. Through live videos, you can engage your audience and encourage questions. If you use this option, plan to go live on a regular schedule so your followers know when to expect them. You can also enable push notifications to alert your followers as to when the videos start.


4. Use pictures in your posts to tell a story

Pictures are a powerful tool in your Facebook posts. People are more likely to stop and read a post with an image than just plain text. 

Additionally, the average person can process pictures nearly 60,000 times faster than they process words. So, with the right image, you can convey more information in less time.

The best types of pictures are ones that either tell stories or inform your audience about your business and products. Some examples might include pictures of office life, customers using products, or company events. Audiences especially relate to pictures that include other people. When you post pictures capturing life at your business, you promote transparency and authenticity to your audience.

Top Facebook posts in 2018: 81.8% were videos, 18% were images, and 0.2% were links


5. Ask questions to encourage engagement

You don’t want your posts to be another square of text that your audience mindlessly scrolls through on Facebook. Instead, your goal is to create content that engages your audience and encourages them to interact with your posts. Their interaction will boost your post’s visibility on other people’s feeds and increase your chances of getting new followers that can convert to customers.

One way to encourage engagement is through questions and polls. People like to talk about themselves. What better way to spark conversations than giving your audience a way to share their interests and lives through your posts? When you ask open-ended questions, people will comment with longer responses, which could give you more demographic information for customizing future posts.


6. Create contests to boost brand awareness and build followers

Who doesn’t love free gifts? Build your following and boost brand awareness by hosting contests and giveaways. Rules for entry may say something along the lines of, “Like and share this post for a chance to win our giveaway.” 

The prize could be one of your products or a related brand item. The cost of the product is a small price to pay for the increase of followers and engagements you receive from the contest.


7. Host virtual events to gain attention

A virtual event can be just as fun and engaging as an in-person event if you devote enough time and resources to it. Some ideas for virtual events that will get people to pay attention to your business are:

  • Live Q&A sessions about your business
  • Competitions or games with your product as a prize
  • Concerts or entertainment for a nonprofit fundraiser
  • Virtual courses or training related to your product
  • Live attempt at a social media challenge
  • Entrepreneur networking group chat


8. Include a call to action at the end

As we wrap up this article, we will encourage you to visit our website and complete an action. That is our call to action (CTA). We include a call to action at the end of each blog post, but this isn’t a practice exclusive to our brand.

Whenever you create a blog post or social media post, you can convert more leads by giving your audience the next step. You got their attention through your post—it’s time to answer, “Now what?”

Some examples of typical calls to action include asking people to comment, follow you, contact you, or buy a product from you. You can even drive traffic to your website content!


Start building your business today

Growing your small business can feel overwhelming at times. But with the right tools at your disposal, you can make your company seem bigger than it is. Facebook is one powerful tool to get you started.

If the idea of having a business sounds appealing but you don’t know where to begin, contact us today to find out how to make an income on your own time while building skills for your future.