Say “No” to Grow—6 Tips on How to Prioritize Your Goals Better

Do you put too much pressure on yourself to achieve your New Year’s resolutions?

If so, you might be self-sabotaging your efforts. 

According to Forbes senior contributor Kathy Caprino, too much pressure could be the reason the majority of people don’t achieve their goals.

That doesn’t mean you should stop setting goals—instead, you need to prioritize goals better and avoid setting yourself up for failure before you even get started.


How to prioritize your goals better: 6 tips to help you achieve success 

Last year was a year of upheaval. Those who started 2020 optimistically, with their shiny New Year’s resolutions in hand, quickly found out that trying to reach those goals was going to be harder than ever. 

Now you might be wondering, is even worth it to set goals? 

According to Forbes, it is. But you may need to take a different approach to better prioritize your goals. Here are six tips that can help you do exactly that. 


1. Reexamine your goals

Start looking at your goals from a new perspective. Think about who you are now and how that differs from who you were at the beginning of 2020. The pandemic and social unrest made a lot of people realize that they were prioritizing the wrong things. Is this true for you, too? If so, what’s important to you now? Do previously unmet goals still resonate with you? Do they fit your new priorities? 


2. Ask yourself a lot of questions

It’s easy to scroll through social media for inspiration when you’re trying to find the best goals for yourself, but looking at what someone else is achieving probably won’t help you sustain momentum once you get past the initial excitement.

Take some time to learn about yourself and what you really want. Ask questions like

  • What did you accomplish last year that you’re proud of?
  • What activities make you feel the most alive?
  • What would your ideal day look like? 

Such questions can help you find the best personal and professional side-hustle goals. 


3. Write your goals down on paper

Did you know you’re 42% more likely to reach your goals if you write them down? 

This helps you achieve them because it: 

  • Forces you to clarify what you really want
  • Motivates you to act on your goals
  • Reinforces your priorities (which is especially important when your side-gig starts growing and new opportunities take time away from your original goal)
  • Reminds you that you’re pursuing something that excites you, which is helpful during the moments you feel unmotivated or discouraged
  • Helps you monitor your progress


4. Learn to say “no”

One of the best ways to prioritize your goals better is to start saying “no.” To achieve what you want, there are times when you’ll need to say “no” to people’s requests, opportunities that arise, or fun events.   

While writing your goals down will increase your chances of achieving them, that’s not all that’s needed. You need to spend time taking steps to reach those goals. 

You only have a finite amount of time, money, and energy. You’ll need to determine where you’re willing to invest your most precious resources. Sometimes, to achieve great things in the future, you need to say “no” right now.


5. Set aside time on your calendar for your goals

What’s the first thing you do when you schedule a doctor’s appointment? You put it in your calendar. It’s important; you don’t want to forget it or double-book yourself. 

Unfortunately, we don’t always prioritize the time we need to achieve our goals. Other things will inevitably get in the way. Before you know it, a year has gone by and you haven’t achieved very much, if anything at all. 

Figure out how much time you need to work toward your goal. Then, block time off on your calendar. Make it a priority. Don’t schedule in anything else during that time. When your goals get dedicated calendar space, you know they’re important and you’re more likely to take action. 


6. Enlist help from people you trust and admire

An accountability partner can inspire you. They can also help you prioritize your goals better. For instance, if you have a hard time turning things down, they can remind you why you need to decline certain offers and give you the courage to do so. They can also help you identify potential obstacles that can get in the way of goal achievement. 

Having a partner is so powerful that it can increase your chance of reaching your goals by over 85%. 

Graphic: How to increase the likelihood of achieving your goals

Anyone can serve as an accountability partner

  • A close friend
  • An online acquaintance
  • A co-worker
  • A romantic partner
  • A family member


Be cautious about who you choose, though. You’ll want someone who fits the following requirements: 

  • They’re non-judgmental
  • You feel comfortable with them
  • They understand that you’re not going to reach all of your goals 100% of the time 


Steps to take once you’ve found your ideal partner: 

  • Make an agreement that you’ll both be honest and open throughout the process
  • Determine the frequency with which you’ll check in with each other
  • Agree on a check-in method (text, email, Facebook Messenger, Zoom, coffeeshop, etc.)


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