3 Under-the-Radar Ways to Make Money from YouTube

The global pandemic has had a far-reaching impact on our economy and businesses as a whole. From company shut-downs and stay-home mandates to job furloughs and layoffs, Americans are seeing the first-hand effects of the Coronavirus.

One demographic that has been hit especially hard is women. In December, 140,000 Americans lost their jobs. All positions were held by women.

While several businesses have managed to reopen and bring some people back to work, many individuals are still unemployed, working limited hours, or have chosen not to return to their workplace for health and safety concerns.

For those affected, working a side-gig can provide supplemental income during these trying times. Thanks to the Internet and technology at our fingertips, there are more work-from-home job opportunities than ever before. 

And what’s one resource you always turn to for information, how-tos, or entertainment?

YouTube, of course.

So why not move from consumer to creator and enjoy the many benefits of a YouTube side hustle? YouTube allows for monetization through collaboration, sponsorships, and affiliate marketing to bring in recurring income. All those seeking a remote job opportunity should seriously consider this platform.


Why choose YouTube?

YouTube is one of the leading streaming services online, especially now that the pandemic has impacted how people watch video content. While most movie theaters are still closed and many television shows are on a filming hiatus, YouTube continues to be a primary source of entertainment. 

Currently, YouTube has more than 2 billion users. With an audience this size, it’s a platform with an incredible potential for profit. Anyone can create an account or channel for free, so your up-and-coming YouTube business doesn’t have any startup costs and there are no significant risks involved. With some basic editing software, you can create effective YouTube videos that can bring in some extra cash.


3 clever ways to make money from YouTube

Many people are aware of some of YouTube’s more obvious moneymakers. Their YouTube Partner Program (YPP) earns you revenue from people clicking on ads that run before or after your videos. Affiliate marketing allows companies to pay you to run their ads on your channel. To increase your profitability and reach a larger market, you need to think outside the box. Here are 3 under-the-radar ways you can generate secondary income from YouTube.


1. Build a themed channel

When creating a YouTube channel, people often don’t know what content to develop. If you’re struggling to come up with material, or are uncomfortable being on-camera, consider building a themed channel that compiles videos others have already created.

Conduct a keyword search to discover a frequently searched topic. Maybe it’s makeup tutorials or video game exhibitions. Do some research to find royalty-free videos or images that fall under this category and follow copyright laws. Edit them together to create a high-quality, engaging video. You might even write a script for some text or voiceover. Then, optimize the complete video for SEO and post it to your channel.

At that point, one of two things will happen. People will find your videos on their own (you can direct viewers with a link on social media and email) and they’ll begin to rank on YouTube. Or, YouTube’s algorithm will pick up on your channel and recommend your videos to viewers. Either way, the more views you get, the more passive income you’ll produce through views, clicks, and ads on your channel.


2. Review products  

Before people commit to purchasing a product, they want to hear from others’ experiences. Consumers want to know whether the products live up to their online descriptions and whether other people were satisfied with their purchase. When it comes to reviews, 91% of people trust them as much as a personal recommendation.

Consider creating a series of videos in which you review products. After all, given that 70-80% of all purchase decisions are made by women, who better to share their experiences than the women who have bought these goods? Choose products you think your audience would find useful, or perform a keyword search to see what people are asking about online. 

Purchase the item (or, if you have enough followers, you may be able to get the item for free in exchange for exposure) and create a video highlighting the features, pros, and cons of the product. People appreciate transparency, so don’t be afraid to be candid. An honest report will help build trust among your viewers and keep them coming back for more of your videos. The more views you get, the more money you make.


3. Develop and sell a course 

Everyone is an expert in something. Whether you studied a specific field in college, have years of experience in a particular career, or have mastered a niche hobby, chances are you know a great deal about at least one topic. Take inventory of your knowledge and develop an online course to teach others about that subject. If you can offer unique, valuable insight to your followers, they’ll pay to learn how to enrich their own lives.

An online course can either be a document hosted on a website that people pay to download, or you can offer interactive video conferencing that marries instructor-led elements with self-paced components. These can include one-on-one mentoring, live discussions, and webinars.

Use your YouTube channel to promote your course. In addition to mentioning the course occasionally in your other videos, create a brief promo video to generate interest in the class. This video should include an introduction about the course, some background information about why you’re qualified to teach it, and how people can purchase it. Be sure the video description includes course information as well as a link to checkout.

This creative idea not only makes you money in the sale of the course, but your promo videos on YouTube also generate passive income.  


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