Is Passive Income *Only* About Income? (These 5 Factors Matter, Too.)

Let’s say you have a full-time job that pays the bills, but when it comes to career fulfillment, you feel “meh” at best. Or maybe someone else in your household is the primary breadwinner and you’d like to make some extra spending money on the side. Whatever your reasons, passive income is a great way to do what you love while bringing in extra revenue.

Passive income is so much more than simply making money. There are several benefits to following this path. Passive income grants you freedoms that a full-time job doesn’t allow. It also provides an outlet for skills and talents not always valued in a corporate setting. Whether you’re looking for a side hustle or need an outlet for work you enjoy, consider the passive income factors that make this an appealing revenue generator for people of all backgrounds.


What is passive income?

Most jobs have a direct correlation between the amount of time you invest in the position and how much money you earn. Salaried and hourly jobs pay you based on how many hours you work. If you don’t work, you don’t get paid. Passive income is different.

As the name suggests, passive income is money you make without having to actively work for it. Generally, passive income opportunities do require upfront investment—in either time or money. Once the system is established, it requires minimal maintenance to keep the money flowing.

Examples of passive income include online courses, real estate opportunities, and e-commerce stores. All of these ideas earn you money while you focus on other things (and every now and then, you update content or products). For the most part, however, passive income opportunities don’t require your full attention.

For this reason and more, passive income opportunities are extremely attractive to a lot of people. While it is unlikely passive income rivals a full-time salary, there are passive income factors that matter to people more than money.


5 passive income factors to consider

Money is important. It pays our bills, our rent, and keeps us fed and clothed. But money isn’t everything. There are some aspects of a job that are more important than the income it earns. Here are five passive income factors that, for many, are more valuable than money.


1. Freedom and flexibility 

When you participate in a passive income opportunity, you control your schedule and how you manage your time. With a full-time job, you’re limited by the hours of operation of your establishment. If you need to run errands or visit the doctor, you have to plan these appointments around your work schedule. If you have to stay home with a sick child, this time away counts against your work commitments. 

With passive income, you’re free to pursue the life you want to live. Not only can you set your own schedule—because passive opportunities don’t require constant effort—you have more free time to do the things you enjoy. You can work from home and enjoy the flexibility that it affords. You don’t have to plan for long commute times and are more available for family responsibilities. Freedom and flexibility are among the greatest assets of passive income.


2. Safety net 

In corporate America, there’s no telling how secure your job really is. Downsizing, furloughs, and budget cuts could happen at any time. Hourly jobs are even more tumultuous, as new management could take over and change rules and regulations. The idea that you may not be able to pay your bills is scary. 

Passive income provides a safety net of additional income to ease your mind. Because passive income allows for flexible scheduling, you’re able to work multiple jobs to cover your expenses—and ideally save some for the unexpected. Should something happen to jeopardize your main source of income, you will still have money coming in. Passive income can sustain you until you’re able to get back on your feet.


3. Follow your passion 

Unfortunately, a full-time job doesn’t always align with your true passion. Passive income, on the other hand, enables you to make money doing what you love. It can free you from debt and give you the confidence to pursue your dreams (without worrying about whether you’ll be able to pay the bills). 

If your passive income opportunity isn’t centered around your passions, the freedom and security it affords can allow you to spend more time doing things you enjoy. Join that club or volunteer for the charity you love. Now you have secondary income rolling in, and you don’t have to focus your free time to keep it running.


4. Meet your goals 

Money is a tool to help you achieve a goal. It shouldn’t be the goal itself. By bringing in more money, you can meet your goals faster and achieve the success you desire. 

Finances are one of the biggest obstacles that prevent people from reaching their goals. After all, 78% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. Passive income makes money at all hours of the day, so you bring in a regular stream of income. This means you’re saving money exponentially faster and getting closer to reaching your financial goals. By saving money more quickly, you’re able to afford that trip you’ve been wanting to take or buy that car.


5. Financial stability 

When you don’t have to put forth tons of effort to bring in extra income, you’re able to focus more time on strategizing your financial stability. You can research investments and stocks and set greater, long-term financial goals. Passive income equips you to better handle life’s curveballs and removes the stress and anxiety of feeling beholden to a career you dread. Instead, you can look to the future and build a wealth mindset that delivers financial stability and continued growth.


Beyond passive income opportunities

If freedom, flexibility, and security are more valuable to you than money, passive income could be a great fit for you. For a side hustle that shares many of the same perks, consider working with Vector Marketing. We provide work-from-home opportunities that allow people to set their own schedules, all while making secondary income. 

If you like the idea of passive income and are looking for other ways to earn more, contact us to request an interview.