10 Personal Brand Statements to Inspire Your Brand

Today, job and business marketplaces are more competitive than ever. And in this competitive landscape, strong personal branding could be the key to your success.

80% of employers Google job-seekers before inviting them into an interview. But only half of the candidates own the first and most meaningful search result. Almost one-fourth of people find no favorable results on the first page, and 15% have at least one unfavorable result that harms their reputation. 

Having a strong personal brand not only influences your search results but also conveys your skills, experiences, and expertise professionally. It is what makes you memorable, recognizable, and attractive in the eyes of employers and prospective clients.

Establishing a great personal brand statement is one of the first things you should do when developing your personal brand. This brief statement will serve as the cornerstone for all of your future branding initiatives, so be sure to make it count. 


What is a personal brand statement?

Personal brand statements are short summaries of what you do, why you do it, and what makes you unique in your field. In other words, it’s your one-of-a-kind selling point. 

Personal brand statements, usually one to two sentences long, should convey what you have to offer in a captivating and memorable way.


Why do you need a personal brand statement? 

Some may disregard the process of developing a personal brand because it’s time-consuming or insignificant. 

True, you will need to commit time and effort to properly brand yourself and express it with a personal brand statement. However, its importance is undeniable, and here’s why:

  • An eye-catching personal brand statement differentiates you from the competition and allows you to attract prospective clients and employers.
  • According to a 2018 CareerBuilder survey, 70% of employers use social media to screen candidates during the hiring process. Therefore, featuring your brand statement in your social media bios can benefit you in the ever-competitive job market.
  • A personal brand statement summarizes your achievements, experiences, and field of expertise to offer a quick glimpse of what you offer in a professional and trustworthy way.

A personal brand statement is a simple way to achieve your objectives. This simple tool can make or break all types of opportunities regardless of industry or profession. 

It might be intimidating to create one, but specific and unique branding can help you get ahead of the competition—whether securing a job, getting a contract, or expanding your client list.


10 personal brand statements for inspiration

Before you start writing your statement, here are 10 great examples for inspiration:


1. Neil Patel

Neil Patel's LinkedIn page featuring his personal brand statement Source: LinkedIn


“Do you want more traffic?”
—Neil Patel

Neil Patel’s personal brand statement is more of a question than a statement. But it goes to show that there are no specific rules when it comes to crafting a personal branding statement. It’s perfectly acceptable to think outside the box and do what it takes to distinguish yourself from your competitors.

Neil is one of the most well-known online marketers in the world, with a reputation for SEO and traffic generation expertise. His straightforward personal branding statement works because he has the credibility to back up his promise of increasing traffic to your website. It also piques his audience’s curiosity.


2. Kate Toon

Kate Toon's LinkedIn profile Source: LinkedIn


“I’m a misfit on a mission: to help other business humans create their own version of online success.”
—Kate Toon

Incorporating your specialty into your personal branding statement can give you a refreshing edge if it caters to a certain niche audience.

Kate is an award-winning entrepreneur, digital educator, copywriting consultant, coach, speaker, author, and podcaster with more than two decades of experience in all things advertising, content, and digital. 

Instead of concentrating on her SEO knowledge or copywriting expertise, Kate Toon speaks directly to her intended audience—businesspeople. It’s important that your personal brand statement is not just about what you do, but also about who you can do it for.


3. Dave Nelson

Dave Nelson's website and personal brand statement

Source: davenelsonfit.com


“I believe in you… Now you must believe in yourself.”
—Dave Nelson

With over 15 years of experience, Dave has helped thousands of people achieve their goals by sharing his expertise on nutrition, exercise, and supplementation. He coaches clients on proper exercise and nutrition as well as the mental shift needed to ultimately achieve desired results.

Dave’s personal brand statement instills confidence in his audience. Overcoming his own weight problems helped him create his brand. As a result, Dave Nelson informs encourages his clients to tap into that same inner strength to reach their fitness goals. It is a straightforward but powerful statement that precisely aligns with his brand’s objectives.


4. Sujan Patel

Website and personal brand statement of Sujan Patel

Source: sujanpatel.com


“I build and grow SaaS companies.”
—Sujan Patel

Sujan Patel, a well-known digital marketer, gets to the point. 

This simple yet specific personal brand statement establishes Sujan as a business expansion extraordinaire who is confident in helping Saas companies thrive. His statement is an eye-catcher.

Sujan’s statement communicates that his marketing firm not only assists businesses in growing but also creates and expands his own SaaS businesses. 

Additionally, Sujan establishes his achievements and trustworthiness by showcasing the list of well-known businesses he has partnered with as well as features in media outlets.


5. Pam Moore

LinkedIn profile of Pam Moore Source: LinkedIn


“50% Marketing, 50% Geek – 100% Social Business Results!”
—Pam Moore

Pam Moore is a social media speaker and marketing consultant, working as the CEO of her company, Marketing Nutz. Her statement shows that she’s passionate,  outgoing, and results-focused. 

Pam describes herself as half nerd, half marketer, and all-around social expert. The words she has chosen reveal a lot about her personality. 

She’s original, fun, and not afraid to stand out. Pam is unapologetically herself in describing herself as a “geek.”

Above all, if you want your personal brand to be frank and a forward reflection of your personality, then a statement like Pam Moore’s may be the perfect inspiration. This honest, relatable approach to writing a personal brand statement can be refreshing for your target audience.


6. Kent Blumberg

Kent Blumberg's LinkedIn profile Source: LinkedIn


“I energize, focus and align manufacturing organizations, resulting in sustainable acceleration of processes, reduction in waste, and growth of profits.”
—Kent Blumberg

This is a prime example of a simple “I do __ resulting in___” format, which is a great way to summarize your services and who they help. 

Using this format for your own personal branding statement can be a quick and easy way to pinpoint your target customer segment, area of expertise, and the results you promise to deliver. This also conveys a straightforward, no-nonsense work ethic to the audience.


7. Irene Koehler

Irene Koehler's website and personal brand statement

Source: Facebook


“The Internet tells a story about each of us. Take control of yours.”
—Irene Koehler

A personal branding coach is the best person to look to for a branding statement. To make her point quick and simple, Irene conveys a powerful message, prompting you to take control of your story. This call-to-action is motivating and puts you in the driver’s seat.

Irene’s statement emphasizes the importance of word selection for a personal brand statement. Irene promises to help clients in using the internet in ways like no other. Aligned with her services, her brand statement also conveys a similar message—to-the-point and catchy at the same time. 


8. Austin Belcak

Austin Belcak's LinkedIn profile Source: LinkedIn


“I teach people how to land jobs they love in today’s market without traditional experience and without applying online.”
Austin Belcak

Austin’s personal branding statement is an excellent example of how to highlight your worth without any jargon or buzzwords.

The statement is written in simple terms and emphasizes Austin Belcak’s specialized knowledge—guiding and educating others. His statement very simply demonstrates his expertise, what results to expect, and why he’s different.


9. Joe Pulizzi

Joe Pulizzi's website and personal brand statement Source: joepulizzi.com


“Author, podcaster, marketing speaker and entrepreneur.”
—Joe Pulizzi

Joe Pulizzi sums up what he’s all about in one brief sentence. This self-description conveys a brand statement that’s concise, catchy, and straightforward. If you want to avoid rigid formats and cunning word plays to introduce yourself, Joe’s approach is perfect for you. 

Start with what makes you you, what roles you excel at, and what services you can offer to your clients based on your skills. Think about what titles you want to be recognized for, then select your best skills and put them into a personal brand statement like Joe Pulizzi’s. 

When Joe highlights specific titles like an author, marketing speaker, podcaster, or entrepreneur, it summarizes his experience and why a client should choose to work with him.

Choosing to be this straightforward not only conveys your work ethic to the audience but also lets them know exactly what services they can expect from you.


10. Larry Kim

LinkedIn profile of Larry Kim Source: LinkedIn


“Be a unicorn in a sea of donkeys.”
—Larry Kim

If following certain formats or using selective words makes creating your personal brand statement feel like a chore, aim for something truly original and different to stand out.

Larry Kim is a search marketing guru and the founder of Wordstream and Mobile Monkey. Larry’s brand statement is wildly different from anything on this list, but it perfectly captures his message of not following the crowd and making a unique impression. 

This example is both innovative, fun, and more relatable to an online audience. Besides, in a sea of typical brand statements, making yours stand out like a unicorn is an advantage indeed.


Frequently asked questions 

1. How do I write a personal brand statement?

It can be difficult to come up with an eye-catching and efficient personal branding statement. Your personal brand statement is essentially a catchphrase describing your expertise and distinguishing you from the rest.

People who read your statement should get a quick glimpse of your skills, qualifications, what you do, and what you specialize in. While writing a personal brand statement, try to highlight your background, experience, talents, and passions in one to three sentences so that others get a grasp of who you are and what you have to offer.


2. How do I describe my brand?

Other than summarizing your qualifications and skills, your personal brand also communicates what you do, why you do it, and what distinguishes you from others in your profession. A good story can also change your life.

Using a compelling story about what you believe in, what inspires you, and what keeps you going can also offer great support to establishing your personal brand.


3. What makes a good personal brand statement?

A good personal brand statement is captivating and memorable, all within a span of one or two sentences. It gives employers or prospective clients an overview of what you have to offer.

Writing a quality personal brand statement requires a solid understanding of yourself, your professional goals, and what makes your offering unique. It pays to be creative, but don’t underestimate the power of simplicity and clarity.

Ready to start branding? Share your favorite brand inspiration in the comments.