A Huge List of Random Websites that Make Life Easier

I won’t lie… there’s nothing I like more than a really useful website.

Aside from the fact that I’m a huge freakin’ nerd, I genuinely appreciate amazing websites and online resources because they’ve gotten me to where I am today.

Remember, I’m a dropout. So aside from the writing, I learned just about everything I know from random useful websites.

Fortunately, we live in the golden age of random websites—there are so many out there, the only problem is sifting out those that are really awesome from those that are just “meh.”

So I’ve taken the liberty of putting together the absolute best list of random useful websites—some you may never have heard of, and others you might know about but aren’t using yet.

So, in the words of Drake, “You could thank me now.” 😉


The Vector Impact: The best life and career advice 

I’d be remiss if I didn’t start out with The Vector Impact, the very website you’re on right now as you read this. 

In case you ended up here by accident, at The Vector Impact we curate some of the best life and career advice for anyone looking to forge their own path in life. 

There’s a lot to explore on here, but here are a few of the best and most popular pieces you should check out if you’re new here: 


The Vector Impact’s free resources


The Vector Impact’s top articles


Random websites to advance your career

50 Ways to Get a Job

50 Ways to Get a Job website


This interactive website features useful exercises to help you discover your “path,” find your purpose, and get hired.

You don’t have to go in any particular order. Start with blocks that best fit your situation, and you’ll be rewarded with free resources and advice that match where you are in your journey. There’s no perfectly linear path.


80,000 Hours

80,000 Hours website


The founders of 80,000 hours started the site because they wanted to help as many people as they could lead purposeful careers.

They do this by offering career advice for young talent who want to make a social impact.

The site is based on in-depth research alongside academics at Oxford on how graduates can make the biggest difference possible with their careers, both through overall career choice and within a given field.



Blind social network website


Blind is a social network like LinkedIn—if you took away all the personal branding and marketing that happens on LinkedIn, and replaced it with raw, honest opinions and insights. 

When using Blind, you’re totally anonymous so you can complain, ask questions you would never dare to ask IRL, and get advice (and referrals) from people at top companies.


Quartz at Work

Quartz at Work website


Quartz at Work is a blog that teaches you how to be a better manager, build your career, and navigate the modern workplace.

Their “women visionaries” campaign is absolutely inspiring, and be sure to check out some of their in-depth guides.


Remote Stories

Remote Stories website


Remote Stories is a website where remote workers can anonymously post their experiences, thoughts, concerns, opinions and, of course, general ups/downs.

If you’re ever feeling isolated working alone, or wondering if other people are going through what you’re going through, this is a great website to have bookmarked.

You can react to posts with:

  • 😄 Agree/Haha me too
  • 😕 Shit, that is scary/I’m worried about this too



BrandYourself website


In a world where the overwhelming majority of recruiters are googling your name before even the first interview, this website is a MUST.

This site lets you run a free scan of Google or social media posts associated with your name, so you can see if there are any potential negative results that you might want to manage.


Should I Work For Free?

Should I Work for Free website http://shouldiworkforfree.com/

Who’s ready to stop working for free? Hopefully you are!

If you have any doubts, consult this handy website/chart.

Start in the middle and work your way to the answer!



Payscale website


PayScale has an interactive survey/quiz that will help you determine if your current job or the job you’re considering is paying the right price. Having this information gives you a lot more power when applying for a job or asking for a promotion.



Useful websites for learning new things


Pocket website


You don’t need a pricey, 6-month intensive course or bootcamp to learn something. Learning something new is as easy as reading.

That’s where Pocket comes in. It’s a simple bookmarking web app that not only allows you to save good articles (to read later), but it also offers a recommendation engine of really good content.

This is probably my absolute favorite website on the list. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t use my Pocket. ❤️


HubSpot Academy

popular courses on HubSpot


While I’m far from a believer in “certifications,” I do think HubSpot Academy is a great place to start learning marketing for free.

Take courses on anything from design to social media and lots more.


Interneting is Hard

Interneting is hard website


I have tried just about every coding website on the Internet, and these free, ungated HTML, CSS, and JavaScript tutorials are by far the most interesting and easy to digest.

I can’t recommend this site enough if you want to learn one of the above languages.



Treehouse website https://teamtreehouse.com/

A few years ago, when I didn’t have any “proven” experience, I joined Treehouse as a way to prove my skill set and learn more in-demand skills.

I liked it because I could link to my Treehouse profile on my resume, which showcased all my digital skill badges, proving to employers I know X, Y, Z.

Here’s Treehouse’s content roadmap.


Shopify Resources

Shopify business courses, on demand

While Shopify is the platform to use to build eCommerce sites, it’s also a place to learn everything you want to know about building an online business with little to no resources.

Not only does it feature meaty, actionable ebooks/guides, but it also has an “academy,” which provides free, self-paced lessons on growing a Shopify or eCommerce business.



Newest talks on the Ted website


You’ve probably come across TED before (it stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design), but it’s a site worth bookmarking and visiting regularly. 

TED has come a long way since its humble beginnings as a non-profit. It now hosts multiple conferences every year, and it’s always updating its site (and blog and podcast) with the latest talks from some of the brightest minds out there.



Quora website


Quora is the place to answer questions and get answers to your own.

The website features a constantly updated, Facebook-like newsfeed based on your “interests.”

Another cool thing about Quora is that big media outlets monitor it, scouring the site for really good content to syndicate on their publication.

Quora can lead to jobs and influencer status.



Blinkist website


Blinkist is the ideal website for anyone who loves reading but also has a busy schedule. Blinkist users can get digestible summaries of some of the most popular books out there—delivered as essays or audio “shortcasts.” 

You can try Blinkist free for a week, and it’s $150 a month after that.


Actionable Books

Actionable Books website https://www.actionablebooks.com/en-ca/summaries/

If Blinkist seems a little too pricey, you can try Actionable Books, which is completely free. It has over 1,000 books in its library, and each one comes with a summary that shares a bit of context, the big idea behind the book, and some of the main sub-points it makes.


If I Knew Then

If I Knew Then website


As the 50th anniversary of their graduation approached, Harvard Business School’s class of 1963 came together to share their wisdom and insights on everything from their careers to their personal lives. The advice is written for their younger selves, making it perfect for anyone who is navigating the early stages of adult life.



Book of Life

The Book of Life website


It’s called The Book of Life because it’s about the most substantial things in your life: your relationships, your income, your career, your anxieties.

The site is constantly updated, and it’s written by a wide-variety of different authors.

Another site to gain wisdom beyond your years.



Duolingo website


You may be familiar with Duolingo’s overly aggressive green owl mascot, known for posting risque TikToks and harassing other brands online. 

But mean owl aside, Duolingo is still one of the best programs for learning the basics of a new language in a fun, easy way.


Power Searching With Google

Power Searching with Google


If you’re like most people, you probably turn to Google several times a day for answers. But how much do you know about how Google works—and are you using the tool as efficiently as you could be? 

This self-paced course by Google will turn you into a wildly fast and efficient Googler. Over the course of a month, you’ll learn the basics of how the search engine works and how to use it effectively. 

You must be good at Google to succeed at work today because you must be good at finding answers to your questions without bothering your boss every two seconds.

Be proactive and self-sufficient. Learn how to Google.


Zapier Guides

Zapier guides


Zapier is a tool that automates redundant, annoying processes by making apps talk to each other and do a sort-of “if this, then that” procedure. (More on that below.)

Though Zapier is a paid product, they’ve done a really nice job with their free content marketing. You’ll learn a lot about a variety of topics around things like spreadsheets, project management, and productivity.





Zach Holman, prominent founder and investor, created a free course on public speaking because, as we all know, public speaking is scary AF.

Though the website hasn’t been updated in a few years, the tips and advice throughout the website are still incredibly useful for anyone trying to master public speaking. 



First Round Review

First Round Review website


This website by VC-firm First Round Review features some of the best advice for anyone thinking about building a startup.  

My favorite thing about First Round is how they curate their content. Click on the Collections section, and you’ll see articles grouped together around topics like starting a company or becoming an effective leader.



Degreed website


Degreed is taking on the college degree, which they believe is an outdated way to prove you know what you know.

The website tool makes it easy to showcase your achievements — what you’re reading, what courses you’re taking, and what videos or podcasts you’ve watched/listened to.

You can also feature certifications and career plans or “skill plans.”

TLDR: It’s a place to collect all of your learning activities, competencies, and professional experience.


Useful Websites


BugMeNot website


Don’t want to create yet another account on another platform?

BugMeNot has you covered.

Enter the URL of the site you need a login for, and see if someone else already shared their login credentials, saving you an account registration. This works well when you want to “try before you buy” or avoid signing yourself up for yet another pointless mailing list.





Have you ever ordered something off Amazon, only to find after it arrived that it just didn’t live up to your expectations? You unbox it and think, “What happened? The reviews were so good!” 

That’s because unfortunately, many nefarious companies buy fake Amazon reviews to make their products appear better than they are. And it can be hard to discern these fake reviews from the legit ones. 

Enter ReviewMeta.

Input an Amazon product URL, and out will come a graded report of how “real” the reviews are.


Fast.com Internet Speed Test

Fast.com internet speed test website


Fast internet is no longer a luxury—for those of us who work online, it’s an absolute must. And sometimes, it’s hard to know if your internet is really slow, or if it’s just a fluke with your machine. 

Fortunately, websites like Fast.com make it easy to get a quick answer. As soon as you open the site, you’ll get a rating on how fast your internet is, so you can decide if you need to call up your internet provider or just restart your laptop.



Genius website


Ever wonder what an artist is actually saying in their lyrics?

I do, which is why I love Genius, a website that has clickable lyrics that explain what certain lyrics mean.

Accuracy varies based on source reputation, votes, etc, but it’s still a really fun tool for any music lover.





Apartment hunting is SO much more fun with Padmapper, which features a massive map you can easily move around and filter listings based on normal criteria like max rent, location, etc

You’ll get a chance to look at the apartment listing (including photos) and save apartments to your shortlist.




Organize anything with the Workflowy website


There are so many organization apps and programs out there today, it can be overwhelming (and costly if you subscribe to too many!). 

Fortunately, tools like Workflowy can help you pare down on the number of tools you’re using by rolling everything into one platform. The free version gives you most of the perks—including the ability to organize your workflow exactly how you want.



Grammarly website


If you aren’t using Grammarly already to improve your online writing, my only question is this: What are you waiting for? 

Grammarly takes editing to the next level. It’s a really smart spelling and grammar editor. You can download its browser extension for easy integration into your online world and docs.

It also gives you weekly stats about your writing, including how many words you’ve written and how many original words you’ve used. Definitely motivating to see yourself improve over time!



Trello website


Trello is one of my go-to productivity tools. The free website is like an agile Kanban board, which features “streams” of “cards” based on what phase of your process they’re in.

Here’s a list of free inspiration board templates to jumpstart your productivity.




Brain.fm website


Brain.fm is a freemium focus tool.

The website features music that will help you either focus, relax, or sleep — whatever your little heart desires.

The music is based on neuroscience, and I feel like it really does help me focus when I need to buckle down and get things done.



RescueTime website


RescueTime is a web app that runs in the background as you’re working, with the goal of measuring your productivity and showing you where you’re wasting the most time each day, week, year, etc.

It helps you in real time too, letting you know when you’re in a good groove, or when it might be time to take a break and reset your productivity.


Crystal Knows

Crystal Knows website


This app is extremely useful when reaching out to people you don’t know, before interviews and when applying for jobs.

Search for people in your network or input an email address, and out will pop a “profile” about the person along with a “relationship report” about how you guys would potentially get along/work together.

It gives you guidance on this person’s personality type and information about how you can approach a conversation with them for maximum value. 

(Don’t tell anyone, but I’ve used this on dates before!! lol)


Cash App

Cash App website


From Venmo to Google Pay, there are a number of apps you can use to get paid instantly—whether you need a client to settle an invoice, or just want your friends to cough up their portion of the dinner bill. 

Out of all of them, Cash App is by far my favorite. It’s so easy to use, and it has a much better UX than some of the others on the list (looking at you, Venmo).


Resume Worded

Resume Worded website


Probably the hardest part of developing a resume is generating creative, impressive bullet points.

Resume Worded solves that obstacle with its directory of “resume bullets” based on skill and industry and job positions.


Internet Archive Wayback Machine

Internet Archive website https://archive.org/web/

You know what they say—things posted on the internet are forever. That’s especially true if you know about the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. 

Enter any URL for a site that existed at some point, and you’ll be able to look at old versions of the site just as they once appeared. It’s a lifesaver for hunting down that old article or website that seems to have vanished.



Revue Discover website


There are so many newsletters out there—some of them full of nuggets of wisdom, and others full of spammy junk. If you’re tired of sifting through all the noise, then Discover.GetRevue is for you. 

This curated list of newsletters will help you find the ones that best suit what you’re looking for, and ignore those that aren’t the right fit.


If This Then That (IFTTT)

If This Then That website


IFTTT is a free website that allows you to automate your life. 

Integrate your apps in the dashboard, then set up custom event triggers to complete actions automagically. For example, you can ask it to automatically track your Fitbit activity into a Google Sheet, or sync your likes on Soundcloud to Spotify.



Fun websites

Quote Catalog

Quote Catalog website


This website is straight out of the 90s.

TLDR: Browse inspiring, motivating, adorable, and so many more types of quotes on Quote Catalog. Curated by handpicked curators. Great for a little workday distraction or a daily dose of inspiration.



Insight Quiz

Insight Quiz website


Based on her bestselling book, Insight, Tasha Eurich created this quiz to show takers how self-aware they are, because as it turns out, most of us are really out of touch with reality.

To take the quiz, you only need to answer 14 questions, and then include the email address of someone who knows you well. They’ll get a quiz with 14 questions as well, about you, and when both quizzes are done, you’ll get your results.



Ikonick website https://ikonick.com/

Ikonick makes super sick wall art for motivated entrepreneurial types. From simple motivational posters to life-sized replicas of passports and monopoly game pieces, this is the perfect place to browse if you want to spice up your home office. 

I want SO much stuff on here!



Goodreads website


Goodreads is a social network that revolves around books—ones you want to read, ones you are reading, and ones you already read.

I especially like the “quotes” section of book and author profiles, which features the best quotes by an author or from a particular book.


Job Websites

We Work Remotely

We Work Remotely website


This is one of my favorite remote job boards. Find jobs scattered across the globe that allow you to work from home. You can easily sort job listings into categories based on your industry or what kind of work you’re looking for (like part-time or full-time).



Freelance Writing Jobs

Freelance Writing Jobs website


If you’re building a freelance writing career, it can be difficult to find a paying gig. Fortunately, FreelanceWriting.com is here to help, with a comprehensive job board for wordsmiths who work for themselves.


Authentic Jobs

Authentic Jobs website


Authentic Jobs is a niche job board catering to engineering and design, although there are some marketing gigs as well. It’s another great resource to add to your list if you’re on the job hunt.


AngelList Jobs

AngelList Jobs website


AngelList is a great place to find startup jobs. Just filter by location, compensation, and/or “skill” or position type.

Their blog is also full of great resources and information for anyone interested in trying out a career in a startup.


Startup Jobs

Startup Jobs website


Here’s another great website for finding startup jobs—remote and in-office. Similar to AngelList, you can sort through jobs based on industry, like developer jobs or designer jobs.


Freelance Websites

Invoice Generator

Invoice Generator website


If you use a tool like Bonsai (below), then this won’t be necessary. But if you’re starting out on your freelance career and just want to create some quick, simple, and easy way to make a good-looking invoice, this generator is a good fit.



Bonsai website


If you freelance full-time, I highly recommend Bonsai, which is like a freelance management powerhouse.

  • Send invoices, with the ability to accept online payments via a simple link.
  • Create and manage projects.
  • Create recurring invoices that automagically send every month or however often you like.
  • And keep track of expenses, contracts, and proposals.


Community Websites

Indie Hackers

Indie Hackers website


Indie Hackers is a side-project by a couple of Stripe employees. It’s a vibrant community made specifically for entrepreneurs or people interested in starting their own [online] business.

Share links, ask questions, upvote answers, find meetups… The options are endless.


Product Hunt

Product Hunt website


Owned by AngelList, Product Hunt is the best product directory. Every day, new products launch, and you can upvote them or leave comments for the founders.

They also feature startup jobs and “sippable” news bites.



Discord website https://discord.com/

Discord is a lot like Slack, in that it hosts different channels for groups of people with similar interests. 

Create your own communities for free on Discord and/or join other popular ones.



Medium website


Medium is the largest blogging community open to all people on the net. You can read and subscribe to your favorite authors and groups, or start sharing your own writing and building a portfolio.



Patreon website


If you’re a creator of any kind, then you may be missing out on big money if you aren’t using Patreon. This platform allows you to provide your fans with exclusive content for a subscription fee—and it’s entirely up to you how much you charge and what sort of content you offer (provided it falls within their guidelines).


Hacker News (HN)

Hacker News website


For folks who have an interest in web development, Hacker News is a great public-sourced curated list of the best stories and articles on the subject. Even if you aren’t big into web development, you’ll still likely find some interesting tech-focused content to enjoy.



StackExchange website


StackExchange is a group of online forums, which are focused on a variety of topics about virtually anything, from technology to business to culture. Ask questions, and the community will help you get answers.


What did I miss?

Welp, I could go on and on here, so I’m going to stop with the hopes of not overwhelming you.

I’m sure you know of a few websites or two that I don’t know about yet… PLEASE share the wealth of knowledge in the comments below. ❤️