How to Successfully Make Sales with a Work from Home Job

Feeling restless?

Maybe you’re looking for a new career. Or that idea for a side hustle has been nudging you for years. If you’ve thought about trying a job in sales with work-from-home opportunities, then you know there’s no shortage of options.

2021 is a year of innovation, digital nomads, recovering from (and trying to forget) politics and COVID-19, and adjusting to this telecommuting life.

Can you successfully and consistently make sales from the comfort of your own home? How does working remotely impact your ability to close a deal? When it comes to sales, there’s a lot to consider—so keep reading for the benefits, challenges, and overall experience of selling from home (instead of in person or in a traditional office setting). 

Big ideas

  • Many employers reported that productivity has been either the same or higher since their employees started working from home in 2020.
  • As a salesperson, more independence and greater flexibility come with challenges.
  • The benefits of working remotely include more freedom, greater client confidentiality, increased productivity and focus, and the ability to work from anywhere.
  • Advanced technological developments make it easy to hold virtual meetings, stay in touch through video and messaging apps, and effectively sell from home.


Making sales with a work-from-home job

Before 2020, many employers and employees were hesitant to work from home. They were afraid they’d be lonely, easily distracted, and unmotivated. But when 88% of organizations worldwide either encouraged or required their employees to work from home, the results for many were surprisingly positive.

  • 94% of employers reported that productivity has been either the same or higher since employees started working from home in 2020.
  • Employees with flexible work options have better mental health and work-life balance. Those without flexible jobs are nearly twice as likely to have poor mental health.
  • 92% believe a flexible job makes them happier.
  • 66% said they prefer to work remotely full time, and 33% prefer a hybrid option that combines remote and in-office work. Less than 2% want to work onsite full time.

How people think flexible work would improve their lives: bar graph


The challenges of working from home for sales teams

While working from home enhances the quality of life for many, there’s undoubtedly a learning curve and an adjustment period when transitioning from a conventional office setting. Adapting to a home office environment can be challenging. Being more independent and having greater flexibility requires greater discipline and focus.

Remote sales teams may need to take more initiative to manage their time and schedules well. They might need to make a little more effort to remain social, find creative ways to collaborate with coworkers, and designate a space for work only.

But these aren’t necessarily deterrents, depending on your preferences and personality. Limiting distractions and setting firm boundaries with a partner who also works from home (or kids if you have them) are essential for long-term success.


The benefits of working from home with a sales job

A massive advantage of sales is the ability to work from just about anywhere. If you want to meet with clients in person, you can meet in your home office or at a local hotspot. If you live too far to meet clients or prospects face to face, technology can make virtual meetings and conferences a cinch.

With continual technological developments, it’s becoming easier all the time to hold virtual meetings, stay in touch with people through video and messaging apps, and be an effective and authentic salesperson from anywhere.

Big benefits of working from home: pie chart

Here are several other outstanding benefits you could experience by working a sales job from home.


1. More independence and flexibility 

When you’re at home, you don’t have someone standing over your shoulder watching your every move. This can result in a greater peace of mind, and more confidence in meetings, sales calls, and other tasks.

Working from home gives you the freedom to set your schedule. Build a routine that works for you. And be sure to set boundaries with clients so you can properly rest and recharge. 

Without a commute to work, you’ll also save time at the beginning and end of the day to get an earlier start. Or you can spend more time doing something you love. If you have a family, pets, or roommates, that extra hour or two each day can be a gift.

I have been able to work from home, create my own schedule, and have the overwhelming support of my managers. Over the past year, there have been two new positions that have been designed for me based on my strengths and my schedule, so I am able to achieve at a high level at work and then come home and be fully locked in with my daughter. These opportunities have allowed me to be exactly who I want to be, both as a mom and in my job.

—Jenna Shoobridge, Social Media Manager


2. Increased productivity 

Without coworkers stopping by your desk to distract you or your boss calling you into their office for impromptu meetings, you can maximize your productivity.

And you don’t have to worry about shutting everything down and stopping business if there’s an emergency, either—like a global pandemic.


3. Client confidentiality

In your home office, you can take essential sales calls without your boss or dozens of coworkers crowding you or listening to your conversations. Keep in mind that mastering remote interpersonal skills takes practice. Knowing when to use what communication methods (phone, video, messaging, email, etc.) may depend on each client’s personal preferences.

Today’s clients are knowledgeable and crave authenticity. Building genuine relationships with them is key to winning them over and getting the sale. With increased flexibility and freedom, you can create an atmosphere that caters to your clients’ preferences, meets their needs, and builds trust.  


4. Accountability 

This one is great for your employer, but it’s also helpful for you. You and your boss can easily track your performance and results. You’ll know whether you’re hitting your target or missing the mark. You can prove to your manager that you’re working hard and staying focused throughout the workday.


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