The 21 Best Things to Flip for Profit

Tired of that old bike taking up space in the garage? Wanna get rid of your old books and invest in something new?

Whether your stuff has been collecting dust for a few months or a few years, flipping items that you no longer use is an excellent side hustle to help you earn some extra money (and clean out your garage). 

It’s easier than you might think to sell used items and make a good profit—provided your stuff is in good shape.

Keep reading for a roundup of the top 21 items you could flip for profit—and you’ll be surprised by how many are just lying around in your house!


21 Best Items to Flip for Profit

Here are the items that will bring in the most money.


1. Video Games

Sonic the Hedgehog and other video games

For making fast money, video games are perhaps the easiest item to flip.

I’m not even talking about high-end games like Far Cry. Vintage video games are in demand, such as Street Fighter, Mario Kart, and Pokemon cartridges.

You can sell these games for a decent amount of money because they’re not easy to find.

Here’s a handy pricing guide for vintage video games.


2. Cameras

old camera

While you can find a camera (or two) in every smartphone today, old cameras are a rare find. And as they say, old is indeed gold. 

These include Rolleiflex and also older models of the new cameras we see today. Rare, difficult-to-find, and no-longer-made cameras can turn a nice profit. Thus, cameras are a great item to resell, and the reselling price can approach the $1,000 mark.


3. Old Books

old books with small plant resting on top

While a lot of people have a deep and lingering sense of nostalgia when it comes to books, be it Harry Potter or their collection of Dan Brown, books can be in high demand, especially among collectors.

If you possess original paperback or hard copies that are in moderately good shape, they can fetch you a solid resale value.

Your profit can go up significantly higher when reselling books by deceased authors or books that are no longer in publication/circulation.


4. Old Furniture

antique chair next to portable clothing rack

A trendy item to flip for profit, old furniture is found in almost every garage sale around the world.

The great thing about furniture? It sells well, and there is always a constant demand for it, as people are always renovating and decorating their homes. Your antique dresser may be just the piece they’re looking for!

Furthermore, if the furniture is kept in good to moderate condition, you will be awed by how much it can fetch.


5. Board Games


Another popular item is board games.

Games like Checkers, Monopoly, and Chess can be quite the buyer magnet, and you’ll be surprised by how many people prefer classic board games over the latest computer games.


6. Sports Memorabilia

old baseball cards

Sports memorabilia may be secondhand items, but diehard fans are willing to pay a lot, especially for autographed items.

Signed hats, t-shirts, jerseys, and even notebooks are a few examples.

They sell really well on eBay and other similar sites, and there is always an enthusiastic collector looking to complete a collection of signed memorabilia.


7. Vintage Electronics

vintage electronics including speakers, computer, television, tape player, VCR, radio, portable gaming system

Vintage electronics include items like the rarely found VCR, cassette player, or even the once-popular walkman.

If you have any vintage electronics in good shape, it’s likely someone will scoop them up, since these items are so difficult to find today.

Your product will have even more value if it belongs to a particular brand or company that is no longer in business—making your item more rare and desirable to collectors.


8. Power Tools

power tools

Drills, chainsaws, and any tool that runs on a motor can be classified as a power tool.

If you’ve upgraded your tools, your set needs to go.

Most people sell power tools when moving onto bigger and more sophisticated projects and therefore want to invest in better and more upgraded tools.

To make a moderate profit, you need to ensure the tools are in good condition. Another factor is the brand name, which actually matters in this case. Brand names such as DeWalt can bring in good profit.


9. Strollers

black stroller

Children’s products can be really expensive, so many people save by shopping secondhand.

Strollers are one of the most commonly used items, and they can be very expensive. If you own an old stroller, you can consider flipping it to a couple who is expecting.


10. Kitchen Products

pots and pans hanging from hooks

Everyone needs kitchen products, ranging from chopping boards to knives and a full cutlery set.

If you are renovating the kitchen and thinking of getting the latest appliances, why let your old knife set sit idle in the attic?

Flip your old knives for a profit, and use that money toward investing in quality knives that will last.


11. Shoes

legs crossed, showing a pair of brightly colored athletic shoes, against a wall covered in graffiti

There is a huge market out there for shoes, and if you have branded shoes, you are sure to make a good profit.

Quality shoes never go out of style, and there will always be someone looking to buy a new pair. Shoes in good to great condition, particularly well-known brands, will sell quickly.


12. Jewelry

vintage neclaces, earrings, and bracelets

Vintage jewelry is another item that you could flip for extra cash. 

Of course, when it comes to jewelry, the style and condition of the piece are also important factors. If the items are too old or in poor condition, you should work to restore them before selling.

The best thing about selling jewelry is that it is not restricted to garage or backyard sales.

You could sell directly to an antique store, open an Etsy shop, or create your own website if you want to market a larger collection.


13. Old Tech

Old computer, pager, cordless phone, watch, record player, toy

We’ve all got old tech hanging around, so instead of shoving old devices into a drawer, why not make some money?

This includes your old iPhone 2g, old laptops, notebooks, and maybe an ipod! However, when it comes to tech, the price will depend on several factors, such as how well you maintained it over the years and how in-demand a product is.

Some items are more desired than others, like PCs and laptops, and also Macbooks.

Cell phones may not offer as much of a profit, but do your research. You’re lucky if you happen to have a vintage or a particularly rare model.

If well maintained, you can expect a haul of several hundred dollars or more.


14. Toys

a large amount of colorful legos

Everyone loves toys! Toys always sell well and have a steady demand.

If you have stuff like legos, vintage hot wheels, and similar other items, you could do very well.

Toys can often be easily fixed and cleaned up to achieve good or almost-new condition.


15. Sporting Goods

Blue and black tennis racket and 3 tennis balls laying on a tennis court

You can sell old footballs, baseball bats, gloves, rackets, and any other item used for outdoor games.

Most of these items have a strong build and thus do not get damaged easily.

The resell price will be pretty high if the item in question is of professional quality. Selling sports items with player signatures can be flipped or even auctioned at great prices

Targeting a specific demographic can help maximize your profits.

If you’re in a neighborhood where baseball is popular, then selling your baseball gloves will earn more profit than those running shoes.


16. Wooden Furniture

mid-century cherry-stained sideboard with decor on top, plant to the right

One of the most common materials for furniture throughout the world, wooden furniture can sell well even if it is secondhand.

The most common items that are often flipped are cupboards, desks, and chairs. You can also sell your old bed if it’s in good shape. You may have the woodworking abilities to craft your own or you may shop thrift stores and restore old furniture.

While wooden furniture can be a bit difficult to maintain, quality wooden furniture ages well and has a high resale value.


17. Commuter Bikes

Blue cruiser bike parked on a bridge outside

Thrift stores and flea markets often make a significant profit by selling old bikes, and it is easy to see why.

Bikes are not only an efficient mode of transportation but also good for the environment.

Moreover, bikes are used by all ages—young, middle-aged, and elderly. Flipping bikes for money will do you good, and you can invest your profits in a newer, upgraded bike.

If you plan to sell your bike, you should consider selling in a college town, as 50% of college students ride bikes.


18. Musical Instruments

multiple guitars, a keyboard, and a microphone in a home

Musical instruments like violins, guitars, and saxophones are excellent items to resell for making money online.

Try searching on Facebook Marketplace, where you can find pictures of musical instruments up for purchase, indicating that people are still willing to buy old instruments.

Buying used is advantageous to many who dabble in music (and who don’t want—or can’t afford—a brand new instrument).


19. Record Player

aerial view of record playing on record player

Record players are a thing of the past at this point, and with the arrival of the internet, music streaming, and smartphones, it is quite hard to find a record player lying around.

Collectors, music lovers, and those who feel a little nostalgia for the past may be interested. Here’s how to determine the value of your record player.


20. Radios

vintage radio on wooden table, with a coffee mug, glasses, and a book

Vintage radios are another item that has character and history, and definitely not a common find among modern households.

If you are no longer using your radio, then flipping it could be a good move.


21. Watches

old watches, many different styles

You would be surprised to see how much profit you can gain from reselling watches. As a matter of fact, watches are one of the most popular items that are resold. Sometimes, it can even get you a higher price than you initially estimated.

Collectors are always looking for watches, especially the rarer and older models.

The older the watch is, the more likely it’s no longer found in the market—allowing you to take advantage of this and make a nice profit.


Your junk, someone’s treasure

Selling old stuff can be especially useful for college students or anyone looking to make some extra cash. And you might be surprised at what other people will pay for! Not only can you earn money but also enjoy decluttering and reclaiming your storage space. So quit hoarding that stuff in your basement and flip that old Nintendo Gameboy already!