How to Ace Your Virtual Interview


The virtual workforce has officially emerged. We, as a company and a society, find ourselves doing things differently, including how we conduct job interviews. And while many best interview practices remain the same, virtual interviews have different nuances than in-person. Having participated in dozens of virtual interviews these past several months, our campus relations team has assembled an instructional list of DOs and DONTs. No more sabotaging your prosperity. Watch this workshop and improve your interview outcomes indefinitely.

Time codes for the above

  • How to immediately set yourself up for failure (don’t do this) (0:26).
  • A really obnoxious way to irritate the interviewer (1:08).
  • Zero preparation = zero chances of landing the job (1:25).
  • Just because you’re home doesn’t mean you can wear these clothes on the interview (1:38).
  • You’re not on FaceTime with friends. So don’t do these things (1:49).
  • Don’t say you’re an organized person when the room behind you looks like this (2:15).
  • Our biggest pet peeve is when people do this while talking (2:54).
  • One of the most important things to do before any interview (3:28).
  • Your room doesn’t have to be a Hollywood studio set, but always take these simple steps (4:08).
  • Never break this important rule of virtual interview etiquette (4:21).
  • Why it’s best to use body language instead of your voice when responding (4:48).
  • Just make sure the body language doesn’t get this distracting (5:08).
  • Remind everyone in the home NOT to do these things during your interview (5:50).
  • Why being early for your interview can be almost as bad as being late (6:20).
  • Don’t forget to do this throughout the entire virtual call (7:05).


Final Takeaway

Not much has changed from the typical in-person interview. You still have to show up on time, be well dressed, and have your best attitude. Just be sure you don’t make those overlooked mistakes with virtual calls. So go forth and implement those tips and techniques to come out on top in your next interview!