Yet Another Article on How You Can Grow a 7-Figure Business

While we say we’d like to have more money, what most of us really crave is financial freedom without having to worry about bills and menial obligations. The best way to reach this is by building your own 7-figure business.

Imagine the freedom you’ll have when you aren’t forever trapped in “hustle mode.” Of course, you’ll still need to work hard to make sure your business is successful, but with the right team, you’ll have more time to relax and focus on your future.

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, the idea of starting and growing a business can feel overwhelming, especially when only one-third of small businesses last for 10 years. However, it is achievable.

This guide will highlight what it takes to grow your business and overcome your personal struggles.

Big ideas

  • Overcome your fear of success by believing you can build a 7-figure business.
  • Build relationships with successful 7-figure businesses.
  • Work on and not in your business.


Do you fear success?

The fear of failure is intense, but what about the fear of success? Some might subconsciously find success even scarier. It’s hard to think about working so hard to grow a business and earn an income without understanding who you are and the goals you have. 

When you find the freedom you’ve been looking for, you’ll need to ask yourself, “Who am I?” Some of these questions might make you feel anxious as you imagine your future success:

  • What happens when I am out of debt?
  • How can I make an impact?
  • What do I want to focus on?
  • How do I want people to view me?

Even if you aren’t sure of your purpose in life, building a 7-figure business can help you overcome obstacles or excuses that come between who you are now and who you are meant to be.

Success doesn’t have to be scary. On this journey to financial freedom, you can find your passion and make a significant impact. Make sure you aren’t holding yourself back with a fixed mindset; rather, aim to have a mindset of growth. 

Image showing the difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset.

Achieve your 7-figure business potential in 6 steps

When you imagine a 6-figure business or a 7-figure business, what does it look like? Do you see your business? If you can’t envision that success for your business, you might be your biggest obstacle. 

These 6 steps will take you through what it takes to change your mindset and achieve your potential.


1. Believe you can do it 

For many people, this first step is the most challenging. Maybe you already have a list of reasons why you can’t do this. But maybe the reason you haven’t found success is because you don’t recognize your potential—your mindset is holding you back. You must believe in yourself. You can create a successful business.

You need to be confident in yourself as an entrepreneur and realize you have the skills you need to achieve your goals. Focus on two principles:

  • Clearly see your business earning 7 figures.
  • Believe that your skills can earn a 7-figure income.


2. Give a 7-figure effort 

Instead of working just to make a million dollars, provide a product or service that your customers think is worth a million dollars. This kind of mindset can help you deliver a 7-figure effort. You need to move past the idea that customers will show interest in you from doing whatever you want. After all, isn’t the goal to build customer satisfaction and rapport? Set your standards, never lower them, and deliver exceptional results time after time. 


3. Give your all every day 

Invest in your business every day. Each time you work on your business, give it your all. Doing this will ensure continual progress.

When you hold back, it usually just stunts your growth. By committing to your business on a daily basis, you’ll be able to shift to a growth mindset. 

In this YouTube video, Alex Cattoni explains how she conquered her misgivings and kept showing up to grow her 7-figure business.


4. Associate with 7-figure businesses 

To fully understand how a 7-figure business works, you need to see one in action. Find a 7-figure business that would complement your business and become a client. Work closely with them. This will give you an idea of best practices to incorporate into your own business to achieve similar results. 

Plus, the insight you gain from your business relationships can potentially save you years of trial and error.


5. Work on your business—not in your business

Successful entrepreneurs have successful routines. As you start envisioning your business, think of ways to make it more effective. 

If you are working in your business, you do everyday tasks, such as monitoring inventory or working with clients. Working on your business means you streamline processes, make deals, and step away from the daily routine of an employee.


6. Create a TED Talk 

Whenever you watch a TED Talk, the presenter is sharing valuable information with an intellectual purpose. As you work to expand your business from six figures to seven, you need to be solving a problem. 

Think of a way to present your business as a TED Talk presentation. This will help you focus on the true priorities of your business and who your target audience is. Share this presentation with your employees to get feedback and gain a new perspective.


Achieve your potential with Vector

By overcoming your fear of success and removing your mental roadblocks, you are on your way to building your 7-figure business. Imagine reaching your entrepreneurial goals and dedicate yourself to working on your business every day.

If you’re ready to achieve your true potential and gain the freedom you crave, Vector Marketing can help you get there.

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