Product Marketing Smarts: Pick a Product to Sell and Stick to It

When selling a product, less is more.

Focusing on a single item—that you’re comfortable selling—will allow you to market it better for your customers.

Product knowledge can help increase your sales since that translates to more confidence and enthusiasm—which helps you stay focused on the goal, despite any challenges that may come. It can be very tempting to promote different merchandise online because of an almost infinite supply. However, focusing on a single product may lead to early success.

Pick a product to sell and dedicate your efforts to learning all about it. You’ll be able to promote it better and quickly come up with a streamlined marketing approach.


Why you need to pick a product to sell and focus on it

Most online stores capture visitors by offering many products on their site; however, this comes with significant risks.

Multiple, unrelated products can dilute the brand name’s effectiveness which can lead to lower sales. Consumers will have less faith in a brand that doesn’t seem to focus on any niche. Products under different categories such as eyewear and organic soaps don’t go well together, and that can be challenging to manage.

On the other hand, going the route of single-product ecommerce offers massive potential for success. Companies like Crocs and Michelin are some examples of companies built on a single product. Consumers know immediately what these brands are offering. If they are looking for foam clogs or tires, they’ll most likely choose these brands over retail shops that don’t focus on these products.

Here are other benefits that come with choosing to sell a single product:


1. Better use of marketing budget

Average cost per click (CPC) for each industry when running Google Ads

Running ad campaigns remains to be an effective way of promoting products online. The average ad spending in Google Ads is around $2—and that’s for a single display ad alone. You’ll usually need to allocate several banner ads with different promotional images to get better conversion. Now, if you have multiple products to run an ad campaign for, the required marketing budget can blow out of proportion.

When you focus on a single product, it lets you bid for better keywords. You will also be able to allocate a portion of your marketing budget to other ad platforms for more exposure.


2. Less effort to manage

Whether you’re creating videos or taking lifestyle shots of your products, it takes much effort to produce visual content that appeals to most customers. You’ll also have to make different media versions to conduct A/B testing—comparing the images and videos to see which of them converts better. With all this work involved for a single product, you can easily imagine how tedious it is if you have several products to sell.

When you focus on a single commodity, you’ll have extra time to tweak your product page or promotional video. You will also have more opportunities to use social media to sell your products. Since you’re not overwhelmed, you can make everything of better quality.


3. High conversion rate

The more choices a customer has, the less likely they'll convert

Here’s another application of “less is more.” Overloading customers with too many choices can cause them not to buy at all. When you are promoting a single product, you offer fewer distractions and options to your potential customers. Even if you’re conducting a video presentation, you have better chances of retaining your audience’s attention if you focus on only one product.

Furthermore, if you are using content marketing as part of your strategy, extensive knowledge of a single product is helpful. It will enable you to produce content that potential customers will read. You can create articles that can capture the attention of your target audience, warming them up for better conversions.


4. Potential for private labeling

As you get better at selling your single product, you become an expert in your niche. You can better grasp what your target customers want and come up with valuable innovations. This ability allows you to get a better chance at success if you decide to private label your selling product.


Trending products you can focus on 

Sticking to one product means you’ll be devoting your resources to it for some time, which is why you must pick one that consumers are buying. Also, choose a specific category that you are confident you can expand on later.

Here are some trending items that are good for single-product selling:

  • Phone lenses: Phone lenses can double or triple the magnification of camera shots on the phone. You can create several informational and how-to videos, as well as written content revolving around phone photography.
  • Portable blenders: Since people are getting more health-conscious, the target demographic for portable blenders is on the rise. This health gadget takes less footprint than a full-scale blender, and marketing will be as easy as pie due to its portability.
  • Nail polish: Interest in at-home beauty products is rising, but most consumers don’t want to break the bank for it. Generic nail polishes are gaining traction these days because people spend more time at home, and they’re cheap too.
  • Detangling hairbrushes: A detangler brush is another beauty accessory that has continued to grow in popularity. An excellent way to market this product is with a video presentation to show potential customers how it works.
  • Sweeping machine: This innovative and trendy kitchen sweeper combines broom and dustpan, functioning as a vacuum cleaner with no electricity. You can quickly expand to other cleaning materials or kitchen tools as your brand gains momentum.


Focus on selling a single product for better results

Selling products, whether offline or online, is a learning process. Choose a single product to promote and take your first steps toward making money online. Even if you don’t hit the jackpot with your first product, the skills you’ll learn can lead you closer to success.

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